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Let me tell you the story from the beginning….

Once upon a time, there was a calling in the heart of a newborn mother, going though the deep dive of the initiation of motherhood, feeling very alone in all this and not unsupported by what the society and culture was offering her. Sleep deprived and exhausted beyond the point of sanity, fearful of what the next night and day bring, working through her own childhood patterns, trying to manage the household between putting her daughter to sleep, breastfeeding and the embedded program of needing to be a good wife, have a clean house and manage everything, because that was defining her worth. 

Torn between what she was told to do and what her biological design was telling her, she made it through the first year….not remembering most of it, still not having clarity about what are the right things, she knew that this does not feel right. This was just surviving through her experience of motherhood, but she wanted to enjoy it. She had a support of her amazing husband all the way long, yet still felt the weight of having to do it all alone and longing to have a woman who went through this before and became wise, longing to have other women who are having kids and she can be with them, talk to them about more than nappies and poops. There was so much going on in her inner world, sooo much that she felt sometimes, she could go crazy, she wanted share and to know how it’s like for others too. 

That was when she remembered her very young self making a decision, that she’ll do things differently in her life, because she knew there is more to life than a survival. 

She knew there needs to be more to all she was going through….that ignited her passion for learning about what else is there, about being a woman, mother, menstruality, about cyclical living, about how she could support mothers in traditional ways. That lead her to studying birth and our natural design, our physiology, learning about wise women traditions, pre and perinatal dynamics and somatic processing birth trauma, about natural remedies, somatic movement, nervous system, women’s blood rites and importance of community especially for us women…she felt that calling strongly. So over a decade of studying and mothering her 3 children, mothering herself through pregnancy losses and supporting her friends and family members though their matrescence and womanhood journeys….

….Sacred Life Flow was born… as a safe and sacred space where women feel held, seen, and heard, no matter where they are on their life journey. Where sisterhood is healed and sacred, where rites of passage are seen as transformational events that are to be honored with acceptance, compassion and love…..and now the website is born too, so have a look and let me know how I can  support you.

Whether you are a Woman, Mother, Daughter, Sister, bleeding or without a womb, you are welcome here!

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