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Closing the Bones

About this Ritual

Closing the Bones

Closing the Bones is a time-honored practice rooted in various cultures and traditions, designed to facilitate closure and pave the way for new beginnings. This ritual caters to the innate human need for closure, allowing individuals to fully embrace new experiences with presence.


Traditionally performed after childbirth, particularly during the fourth trimester, it helps women transition from postpartum to everyday life. However, its use extends beyond postpartum recovery to mark significant life transitions such as births, losses, endings, and personal renewals. Each participant is offered a safe, loving space to be witnessed and supported, fostering profound healing and transformation on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual.


What to Expect

Your journey begins with a scheduled Zoom call where all details of the ritual will be explained. You'll learn what to prepare and have the opportunity to ask any questions.


The Closing the Bones ritual varies from 3 to 8 hours depending on your previous experience and your current needs:

  • Personal Intention: Set your personal intentions for sealing your sacred window or closing a chapter in your life.

  • Ceremonial Drink: Choose from options like cacao or other ceremonial drinks to accompany your sharing of stories.

  • Conscious Touch: Experience nurturing touch with warm oils to soothe your body.

  • Herbal Choices: Opt for an herbal bath or yoni steam as part of your healing.

  • Physical Wrapping: The process concludes with a special wrapping using scarfs (manta, rebozo, svivalnik) to form a cocoon, symbolizing closure and rebirth.

  • Integration Time: After unwrapping, there is time to rest and reflect as the space is tidied.


Additional Support:

  • Post-Ritual Reflection: A 30-minute follow-up Zoom call is scheduled within three weeks to help integrate and share your experiences.

  • Location Flexibility: The ritual is performed at a location of your choice to ensure comfort and privacy.

  • Family Inclusion: Breastfeeding mothers can bring their babies, and arrangements can be made for their care during the ritual.


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Package Details + Pricing

Small Closing Ritual:

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Includes: Intention setting, ceremonial drink, conscious body touch, and body closing using rebozos.

  • Price: €246

  • Note: This option is ideal for those with limited time or those previously attended to in postpartum or birth story processing.


Full Closing Ritual:

  • Duration: 6-8 hours

  • Includes: Sharing your story, choice of ceremonial drink, herbal bath or yoni steam, conscious touch with warm oil, and closing the seven locks using svivalnik or rebozos.

  • Price: €473


Additional Costs:

  • Travel expenses are charged at €0.25 per km.

  • Supplies needed for the ritual are to be prepared by the participant and are not included in the package price.

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