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Movement is Life

and life is movement

Come back home to your body and re-unite with the state of joy and liveliness. Becoming bodyfull through movement and witnessing your emotions, bubbling mind and whole self.

Living Somatics

Somatic Movement

Somatic movement explores self-awareness through movement, acting as a moving meditation to deepen your internal connection. This practice enhances presence and tranquility by focusing on internal experiences, allowing for a profound interaction with one's nervous system. Taught in the lineage of Thomas Hanna, the lessons are tailored to address the body’s adaptation patterns, gently accessing cellular memories and encouraging a state of relaxation.


Pricing Information

  • In-Person Classes: €15 per class

  • Online Courses:

    • 6-week course: €60

    • 8-week course: €80

  • Private Class: €40 per session

 Yoga on Mat


Mindful movement

Yoga, as a mindful movement practice, offers a versatile way to engage with your body, whether you're looking to build stamina or seek restoration. This traditional yet fun approach can range from slow and subtle to power cardio flows, ensuring each session is original and engaging.


Practicing yoga regularly improves balance, strength, and endurance, and can also serve as an effective workout. Beyond physical benefits, yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety, aids in weight loss, and boosts stamina and energy levels.


The styles I teach include Pregnancy Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, each tailored to meet different needs and preferences.

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