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Blessing the Mother

About this Ritual

Blessing the Mother

Imagine a world where mothers are celebrated at every stage—during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood. It's time to reclaim and honor the profound role of motherhood. Every mother deserves celebration and recognition, deeply touching the soul whether in a personal setting or a group, pregnant or embracing motherhood.

Blessing the Mother is a service that honors and celebrates mothers at every stage of their journey—during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood. By reconnecting with the tradition of valuing motherhood, we help instill a sense of importance, love, and appreciation. This celebration not only enriches the mother's life but also has a ripple effect, enhancing the well-being of everyone around her.


What to Expect

Begin with a free 30-minute Zoom call to discuss your vision and ensure our services align with your needs. This conversation helps us tailor the ceremony to reflect your personal journey and preferences.


Choose to have a ceremony crafted specifically for you or organize a surprise for a loved one. Elements of the ceremony can include:

  • Ceremonial Cacao: To enrich the experience with warmth and richness.

  • Natural Ultrasound: A unique artistic representation of your baby drawn on your belly.

  • Floral Elements: Including flowers and handmade flower crowns.

  • Spiritual Tools: Use of divination objects and oracle cards to guide and inspire.

  • Light Refreshments: To keep you nourished and comfortable throughout the ceremony.


After our initial consultation, we will finalize the details based on your preferences, set a date for the ceremony, and discuss any specific desires or needs you might have in a follow-up email or call.


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Package Details + Pricing

Blessing the Mother Ceremonies start at €165 for a 3-hour personalized ceremony. Additional travel expenses are calculated at €0.25 per km.

Book a 30-minute discovery call to explore what the "Blessing the Mother" ceremony can offer you. Let’s plan a day that’s as special as your journey into motherhood.

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