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Traumatic Birth Processing

How I support you

our journey together

Traumatic Birth Processing addresses the profound need for women to process and integrate their birth experiences. Birth, as a transformative rite of passage, teaches valuable lessons about oneself, mothering, and your child. These experiences, whether recent or from decades past, shape your subsequent pregnancies, motherhood, and overall life. Unprocessed, they can become burdensome over time, affecting not only you but also your child’s experience of coming into the world. You don’t have to carry this burden alone; processing these experiences can turn wounds into healed scars, symbolizing your strength and resilience.


You don’t need to go through it alone, carry the burden with you for the rest of your life or even pass it down to the next generations. Have the courage and take the first step to becoming lighter…


These sessions are for you if:

  • You gave birth recently or decades ago and the experience still lingers.

  • You are pregnant and past birth, pregnancy, or postpartum memories and fears are resurfacing.

  • You had a miscarriage or child loss and want to process this before moving forward.

  • You carry feelings of powerlessness, shame, or the sense of being "done to."

  • You feel lost, overwhelmed, or betrayed by your birth experience.

  • You have haunting thoughts or flashbacks of unpleasant memories.

  • You’ve undergone procedures like artificial reproductive treatments or caesarean sections.

  • You are struggling with aspects of motherhood such as breastfeeding and bonding with your baby.

  • You sense something unresolved that impacts your enjoyment of motherhood.

  • You experienced the loss of a close person during your pregnancy.

  • You are a partner still overwhelmed by the birth experience and seeking to integrate it.

  • You are a birth professional who has witnessed traumatizing moments.

  • You wish to share and process your birth and motherhood experiences.

What you will gain

In our sessions, we will explore your birth story in a supportive environment, identifying feelings of loss, overwhelm, or disempowerment.


Whether you're dealing with memories of a past pregnancy, the impact of a miscarriage, or challenges in motherhood, I am here to help you navigate and lighten these experiences. Our goal is to make you feel lighter, calmer, and better equipped for future pregnancies and life as a mother.


Sessions are personalized and can range from a single session to multiple sessions, based on your specific needs and the depth of processing required.

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from our time together

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” 
― Maya Angelou

Package Details + Pricing

Pricing is based on a sliding scale to make these sessions accessible to all who need them. You are encouraged to contribute what you feel is appropriate and aligned with your circumstances:

  • 1-Hour Session: €55 - €99

  • 1.5-Hour Session: €77 - €111

  • 3x1 Hour Session Package: €155 - €277

  • 5x1 Hour Session Package: €275 - €444

Sessions can be conducted via Zoom or in person, in a local, undisturbed environment. Prior to our session, I may reach out to gather some information to better prepare for our time together.

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