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Meet Lenka

About Me


Nice to meet you!

Hi and welcome! So good to see you here 😊

My name is Lenka, I am woman, I am mother, sister, friend and all what life is asking me to be while having this human experience. 
I have been calling Ireland my home for almost 2 decades. It is where my amazing Man and I met and brought earthside our 3 wonderful children.

I decided, in early years of my life, to do things differently. As a sensitive child, would seek nature’s refuge to escape to the heaviness of the ordinary life. Horses were my saviours when I was a teenager and later it was sports and travelling. In my early 30s having pregnancy losses and becoming a mother shook me to my core, transforming and motivating me to look for answers beyond the mainstream narrative. I wanted to have a different experience, not living my life just surviving. This has been propelling me since to learn what else is possible, what are the mysteries, rites and sacredness of life about.

My mission is to create space for women and mothers to heal, to re-connect with their essence and bodies through understanding their physiology, themselves and the cyclical ways of living.

If you were looking for me, you would most likely find me cooking for my family, supporting my clients, catching up with some trainings, walking and admiring Nature. I love laughing with people, good hugs, cacao and herbal teas, meaningful chats and feeling alive

If you are ready to meet and pick up the parts of yourself that got lost, were misplaced, or outcasted through feeling what your body and heart are telling you, let's connect.

Working With Me

I intuitively use my skills, tools, knowledge and experience that I’ve acquired from my studies, working with women and my life experience. This provides me with a unique way of tending to you on your unique journey.

Some of the tools I use are deep listening, curious inquiry, gentle exploration, pre and perinatal dynamics, somatic trauma resolution skills, embodiment coaching, movement, storytelling, energy work, etc…I simply pull out of my tool kit what you need at the given moment.


What you can expect

My approach is based on listening, communication, respect, radical honesty, kindness and trust. I strive to be a supportive and loving presence, companion, witness and sacred space keeper, embracing what arises.


I’m not here to save you from your own experience or from yourself. I am here to be by your side through exploring and integrating your experiences, seeing you as whole and reminding you that you will find your way! 


I honour our biologic design and innate physiologic wisdom of our bodies. I revere wise woman traditions and knowledge, that brings us back to our empowered selves. 

If you are ready to transform and do things differently, you will be welcomed and received as you are, always having a choice.

Qualifications & Training

View my unique set of qualifications and training to support you in your journey

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