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Qualifications & Training

More About Me

Since my thirties I am in deep dive into the feminine mysteries, learning about our bodies on all the levels through metaphorical death, life and rebirth, which brought me to studying about the birth, rebirth, bleeding, breathing, sex and death. In my work I use my knowledge about body, movement and somatic experiences. I draw from my veterinary background, midwifery studies, from nutrition and food hygiene together with my mothering experience, homeopathy, herbs, energy medicine etc. Everything is connected in interesting ways. 
To name some of my trainings, here are my qualifications. 

Birthkeeper Doula Training:

  • Birthkeeper and Childbirth Consultant, 932 hrs (The Matrona) - Study of      Holistic Midwifery, Holistic Childbirth Consultant

  • Challenging Birth, 20,5hrs (Naoli Vinaver, Mexican Midwife)

  • Natural Ultrasound, 6hrs (Naoli Vinaver, Mexican Midwife)

  • Physiology of Childbirth, 6 hrs (Rachel Reed)

  • Ecstatic Birth Practitioner, 1 year (Sheila Kamara, Ecstatic Birth)

  • Workshop with Dr. Michel Odent and Liliana Lamers, 8hrs(Mana Doula)

  • Evidence Based Birth, 20hrs (Sarah Wickham)

  • Innate Postpartum Certificate, 9 months (The Innate Traditions)

  • Holistic Doula Certificate, 30hrs (The Matrona)

  • Holding Space for Pregnancy & Loss, 15hrs (Institute for the Study of Birth,  Breath, and Death)

  • Breastfeeding for professionals, 3hrs (DONA approved)

  • The Thompsons Method Breasfteeding academy(Robyn Thompson)

  • Postpartum Doula Workshop, 30hrs (DONA Int., in Dublin)

  • Birth Story Listening, 56hrs (Birth Story Medicine, Pam England)

Yoga & Somatic movement Training

  • Yoga Teacher, 200hrs, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, 80hrs, Yin Yoga Teacher, 50hrs (Durga Ireland)

  • Restorative Yoga Certificate, 25hrs (Puja Method)

  • Myofascial Release for Yoga Teachers, 12 hrs (Rachel Land)

  • Somatic Living Movement Teacher, 1 year (The Ingle Institute)

Somatic Therapy Training: 

  • Integrated Pre and Perinatal Dynamics, 1 year (Kate White – Pre&Perinatal Healing)

  • Psychosomatic Practitioner, 90hrs (Psychosomatic Therapy College)Integrative Prenatal and Perinatal Dynamics, 1 year (IPPN, Kate White)

  • Embodiment Coaching, 6 months(The Embodiment Unlimited)

  • NARM – Neuroaffective Relational Module, Level 1, 3months(Narm Institute)

Energy & Healing Therapies:

  • Reiki, Reflexology, Baby Reflexology, Energy Management, Andean Spirituality Healing Traditions, Pranic Healing, Angelic Healing 

Women wellbeing:

  • Menstruality Leadership Program, 6 months (Red School)

  • School of Pelvic Floor, 12months (Renata Sahani)

  • School of Shamanic womancraft 6moths (Jane Hardwicke Collings)


  • Practical First Aid

  • Homeopathy Home Prescriber, 12hrs (Irish School of Homeopathy)

  • Sacred Menarche Mentor training, 4 wks (Sacred Living Movement)

  • Journey of Young Women, 1 year (JOYW, Katherine Krueger)

  • Women and Mother Circle Facilitator (Kimberly Ann Johnson)

Original Educational Background

  • Veterinary medicine, food hygiene and public health 

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