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Women's Alchemy Mentoring

Women’s Alchemy Mentoring is a container for transformation as you journey through life to your true self.

It is a combination of re-membering and re-connecting with yourself.

Let's embark on a journey of alchemising your experiences, as the alchemists did, turning them into gold.

How I support you

our journey together

Women’s Alchemy Mentoring is a transformative journey designed to help you reconnect with your true self through a process of personal alchemy. This service provides a supportive space for you to explore, transform, and rejuvenate your life experiences into valuable insights, akin to turning lead into gold. Whether you're navigating womanhood, motherhood, spiritual quests, or professional challenges, this mentoring is tailored to meet you wherever you are in your journey.


Women’s Alchemy Mentoring is for you wherever you are on your journey:


  • As a woman seeking new ways of living: Embrace deeper personal growth and transformative practices.

  • As a mother desiring clarity and support: Find a safe space to explore and share your experiences in motherhood and parenting.

  • As a maiden transitioning into womanhood: Receive guidance and support as you navigate this significant life stage.

  • As an individual facing reproductive challenges: Gain support and insights into issues with menstrual cycles or fertility.

  • As a person exploring personal or ancestral patterns: Delve into your history and the needs of your inner child.

  • As someone who feels misunderstood or out of place: Discover a supportive environment where your sensitivities are understood and valued.

  • As a leader or caregiver needing support: Find the care and nurturing you provide to others reflected back to you.

  • As a spiritually oriented individual: Receive guidance tailored to help you forge your own spiritual path.

  • As someone ready to let go and transform: Release what weighs you down and soar towards a lighter, freer existence.

What you will gain

During our 1:1 sessions, we'll delve into the inner landscapes shaped by your life—from birth to adulthood—using a blend of inquiry, intuitive guidance, deep listening, and somatic practices.


You’ll have the autonomy to dive as deep as you feel comfortable, with a focus on addressing areas where you feel stuck or burdened.


from our time together

Our time together aims to:

  • Enhance connection to your authentic self and inherent essence.

  • Foster self-awareness, creativity, self-love, and inner strength.

  • Provide tools to better navigate and regulate your nervous system and emotions.

  • Identify and reshape survival strategies into empowering patterns.

  • Offer support, guidance, and encouragement tailored to your needs and aspirations.

Package Details + Pricing

We will start with 1,5 hour session to clarify what you need and make a plan how to continue. Sessions can be conducted via Zoom or in person, depending on your preference. Each session is uniquely crafted to your personal intentions and needs.

Single/start up session (1,5hr) - €88

4 session package (4x 1hr) for € 222

8 session package (8x 1hr) for € 444


Just say “yes” to yourself and we will embark on the transformative journey of your inner alchemy.

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