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Women's Circles

About Women's Circles

bringing women together

Women's Circles create sacred spaces for women to connect deeply with themselves and their community. In these circles, you can be open, vulnerable, and truly seen. Here, women laugh, cry, dance, mourn, and rise together, embracing the feminine tradition of sharing and healing in a supportive community.


These circles are dynamic and may vary in focus, reflecting the diversity and evolving needs of the participants.

"When women meet, magic always happens."


Types of Women's Circles

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  • Mother Circle
    Mother Circles offer a nurturing environment for mothers who feel unseen or disconnected from their own needs. These circles provide a community where mothers can share wisdom, connect with like-minded women, and find joy and appreciation in their daily lives. Ideal for mothers who: Feel unseen or unappreciated. Seek a community of like-minded individuals. Wish to reclaim and celebrate motherhood culture. Desire to share their real experiences of motherhood. Not suitable for: Those looking for therapy (1:1 sessions available). Those unwilling to commit to regular meetings. Mother Circles typically run as a series lasting 4-8 weeks, diving into various aspects of motherhood and self-perception in today's world.
  • Cyclical Woman Circle
    Cyclical Woman Circles focus on embracing and understanding the natural cycles of womanhood, from menstrual cycles to the phases of life, including menopause. Designed for women who: Are interested in learning about their menstrual cycles and their power. Want to explore cyclical living in daily life. Are curious about using their menstrual cycle as a spiritual practice. Are ready to embrace and love their femininity and live in tune with feminine principles. These circles run online or in-person, typically as a 4-week series, exploring the connection to the cyclical nature of life and nature.
  • Sacred Steaming Circle
    Sacred Steaming Circles utilize the ancient practice of Yoni steaming, providing a gentle and effective way to enhance physical and emotional well-being. Benefits include: Improved reproductive health. Relaxation and enhanced circulation in the pelvic area. Support uterine cleansing (between menstruations, in postpartum or post-miscarriage) These circles are powerful communal experiences, offering a space for women to gather and engage in this nurturing practice together.
  • Sacred Womb Circle
    Sacred Womb Circles are a modern take on the traditional Red Tents, where women gather during their menstrual periods or menopause. These circles connect women with the rhythms of the moon phases, providing a space to share, learn, let go, and heal. Activities include: Thematic discussions. Ceremonial gatherings. Communal sharing and healing.

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