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Natural Ultrasound

About this Ritual

Natural Ultrasound

Natural Ultrasound is an artistic and visual engagement that I learned from the traditional Mexican Midwife, Naoli Vinaver. This unique method involves painting an image of your baby on your pregnant belly, allowing you as a mom to visualize your baby's position in the womb. It’s not only a profound way to connect with your baby but also a delightful activity for family members. They can join in the creation process, offering gentle touch, attention, and care, fostering a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved. This service can be a standalone experience or included as part of the Mother Blessing ceremony.


Pricing Information


€122 for a session lasting approximately 1.5 hours, which varies based on the drawing's complexity and the number of participants.


Additional travel expenses are calculated at €0.25 per km.

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