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Baby Farewell

About this Ritual

Baby Farewell

Baby Farewell acknowledges the profound need for ritual during the heart-wrenching experiences of losing a baby, whether through miscarriage, termination, or stillbirth. In a society where such losses are often shrouded in silence and taboo, acknowledging the reality and brief life of these babies is a crucial step in the healing process. I offer compassionate support in crafting a personal ritual or ceremony that honors and lovingly bids farewell to your baby.


This service is designed to provide a sacred space for mourning, reflection, and healing.

During this challenging time, you may also find solace and closure through the "Closing the Bones" ritual, which supports the process of grieving and helps close this chapter of your life. This additional service is designed to help you heal physically and emotionally, acknowledging your loss while honoring your journey.

Candle in Hands
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