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Woman's Pelvic Secret

Course Overview

About this program

Woman’s Pelvic Secret is a holistic course designed to transform how you view and care for your pelvic floor, blending Eastern and Western knowledge. This course seeks to elevate the understanding of the pelvic area from merely a physical element to an integrated physical, emotional, and energetic entity.

Course Details

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Your pelvic floor is more than just a muscle; it is a hammock of muscles that acts as a sensitive emotional mirror and an emotional barometer, reflecting inner experiences and emotional states. It significantly impacts your vitality, life force, and feminine self-confidence. This area is crucial for body posture, stability, organ support in the pelvis, and even plays a role in breathing.

In this course, you will learn effective breathing techniques and how to engage your pelvic floor daily to strengthen and relax it without straining, integrating these tools seamlessly into your everyday life.

The pelvic region is a powerhouse of feminine energy, sexuality, and femininity. This course empowers you to consciously connect with, activate, and utilize your pelvic floor, awakening the powerhouse within.

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3x3 Method

what is it?

Taught as part of the Pelvic Floor School, founded by Renata Sahani, the 3×3 Method I instruct offers a unique, multi-dimensional approach to pelvic health:

  • Physical Plane: Learn about the structure and function of your pelvic floor, including exercises to connect, activate, strengthen, and relax these muscles. These gentle exercises are suitable for women of all ages.

  • Emotional Plane: Engage with and process emotions stored in the pelvic area, enhancing sensitivity and restoring a conscious connection.

  • Energetic Plane: Harness the energetic potential of the pelvic area to boost vitality and life force, improving sexual fulfillment and menstrual comfort.

Course Availability

The courses are offered regularly as either full-day workshops or weekly lessons. Please refer to our online booking for upcoming events.

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