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Mother Blessing

I had a wonderful experience and opportunity to hold a Mother Blessing for a woman who is a true representation of a birthing goddess, connected, brave, beautiful inside out. 

This experience made me think about how we are missing in our culture as women, the loving and appreciating own self for what we are and how we are. This beautiful for the 2nd time to become mama was really ready to celebrate herself and her innate qualities of a woman and mother…what a radical act of rebellion in this world of hurry, rush and to do lists. This is an intentional experience into which some of us really need to grow and allow own self to do it. 

Does it have anything to do with our ability to actually receive or ask for what we want or need? 

And there is so much healing in allowing own self to receive, receive from other women and be celebrates, supported and cherished. 

Can you imagine how different the entering into the motherhood would be for the Mothers, if they got to experience the love of their sisters, friends, women who see them in their exalted state, who see them with trusting them and knowing that they can do it?! How healing this would be for them especially if they doubt themselves or their ability to birth, become the mothers they want to become.

Experience like this can become the reminder for the Mother, blessed and sent onto her birthing journey, in times when she feels like things are getting really hard or she feels she cannot do it anymore. As she remembers the women who see her in her power and strength. Women who know that she can do it and hold her in their thoughts and hearts, she connects with all the women who birthed before her, who became mothers, those mothers of her mothers, as she embarks on her journey to labour land and then comes back with all the wisdom. Being supported by them and received when on her journey back to herself in the months after the birth. 

We might not have that in our cultures anymore but we have the innate remembering of it and it is up to us, up to you to bring the sacredness of the witnessing, support and holding back into your life. I will be more than honoured to hold a space for your Mother Blessing whether it is on sending you off onto your journey or welcoming you back in the circle of women or in a personal ceremony.


Photography credit: Mandy Sarkins

Mother Blessed: @Elly.birthmagic

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